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Lowdhams Leisureworld Nottingham
Lowdhams Nottingham

Lowdham Road,
NG14 7ES
United Kingdom
TEL: 0115 966 3838

Next to Gunthorpe Bridge
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Lowdhams Leisureworld Huddersfield
Huddersfield map

Crosland Hill,
Huddersfield W.
United Kingdom
TEL: 0148 464 2613

Near Standard Drive
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New Hymer motorhome

About Hymer

Explore the range


For more than 50 years, Hymer has stood for innovative motorhomes that have set standards in terms of quality and comfort. Ultimate living comfort, perfect driving properties and optimal safety are standard in all models.

Hymer B Class

Hymber B Class.

The HYMER B-Class maintains its high standards. Significant quality and safety standards, its technical innovations and its history have been exciting motorhome owners throughout Europe for over 30 years.


Hymer T Cl

Hymer Exsis T.

More room to stand, more payload, more equipment and more quality: the HYMER T CL sets new standards in its class. Like no other semi-integrated model, it closes the gap to the luxury bench-mark of integrated motorhomes.


Hymer Compact

Hymer Compact.

The HYMER Compact combines the advantages of a panel van with the luxury and generosity of a semi-integrated motorhome. Its flexibility as a motorhome and as a simple means of transport makes for an adaptable vehicle.


Hymer Exsis I

Hymer Exsis I.

The slim-line Exsis I weighs considerably less than three tonnes, this makes it the first passenger car in the integrated class.


Hymer Starline

Hymer Starline.

Try a new level of luxury! The HYMER StarLine on a Mercedes-Benz chassis meets the uppermost needs in motorhome travel. As a ‘B-Class with a star’, it offers more living and storage space, more freedom and excellent driving satisfaction.


Hymer Exsis T

Hymer Exsis T.

At last there is a premier motorhome that is equipped excellently and yet still weighs less than 2,700 kg: the new HYMER Exsis-t blends lightweight construction and luxury, therefore setting new standards in the semi-integrated class.


Hymer Car

Hymer Car.

Not a recreational vehicle. Your freedom vehicle. A highly versatile sleeping and living concept awaits you.


Hymer Ml-t

Hymer Motorhome

HYMER has combined revolutionary design with the utmost luxury with the new semi-integrated ML-T weighing in at less than 3.5 tonnes based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Step-free living areas and a table with standard extension are two examples of the well thought out design.

Serious Summer Sale Small motorhomes, BIG choice...
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